2021 NMC Annual Report - Annexes

Appendices - National Managers Community 2021 Annual Report to the Clerk of the Privy Council

  1. NMC Governance structure
  2. Associate Deputy Minister Advisory Board
  3. Management Advisory Board
  4. Regional Advisory Board
  5. List of events in 2021 with numbers of managers reached
  6. Partners and Stakeholders in 2021
  7. Committees on which NMC was a member in 2021
  8. Social Media


5. List of Events in 2021 with numbers of managers reached

Name of Activity # of participants YouTube views
3 day Workshop on Creating Coaching Capacity 12  
A Networking Workshop on Digital Solutions 37  
A Year After George Floyd 3920  
ADM advisory Board Meeting (quarterly) 130  
AFC Monthly Conference Call 15  
Anti Racism - Let's Talk 15  
Appreciation in the workplace and understanding our personality types 76 195
Atelier de réseautage sur les solutions numériques 15  
BC & Yukon Steering Committees 40  
BC YT - Owning Your PMA 58 131
BCFED - Celebrating Agility & Embracing Innovation 38  
Beyond2020 Champions and Coordinators meeting / Rencontre des champions et coordonnateurs Au-delà de 2020 661  
Bonheur au travail et développement de carrière 715  
Brainstorm with MAB rep from IRCC 2  
Briefing for Managers on the Policy on COVID-19 Vaccination / Séance d’info pour gestionnaires - Politique sur la vaccination contre la COVID-19 OCHRO - Wendy  
Building Diversity and Inclusion for Managers in the Public Service 1474 130
Building Resilience and Preventing Burnout for Managers 450 221
Burnout Burnout Burnout- Ebook 55  
Burnout Recognition & Recovery, Self Care Tips for Managers 183 249
Career Management for the Future of Work 79 161
Celebration Event - Peer Coaching Circles 10  
Change Leadership Committee // Comité de Leadership du Changement 71  
Check in with New Brunswick Steering Committee Co-Chairs 3  
CHP-XMS Meeting 30  
Clicks & Tips - Core Steering Committee: Proof of Concept Results and Looking Forward 70  
Clicks & Tips - La technologie évolue rapidement? Vous n’êtes pas seul! 250  
Clicks & Tips - Les meilleures pratiques de Microsoft Teams pour les gestionnaires et les futurs dirigeants 492  
Clicks & Tips - Microsoft Teams Best Practices for Managers and Future Leaders 1570  
Clicks & Tips - Technology is changing fast? You are not alone! 811  
Clicks and Tips Core Steering Committee 13  
Coaching Conversations - Prairies and NWT 32  
Coaching conversations partnerships 6  
Coaching Orientation Sessions 30  
Codev Mentoring Coaching 58 118
Collaborating on 2 interdepartmental events for Managers (May 18/19) 5  
Communicating who YOU are: Career Guides and what they do | Communiquer qui VOUS êtes : les guides de carrière et leur utilité 185  
Communicating wih Plain Language 80  
Community of Practice Hub 31  
Compassionate Conversations Around COVID-19 503 123
Conference of Official Languages Champions / Conférence des champions des langues officielles 300  
Consultation between NMC and PWGSC MAB member 2  
Consultation on the Senior Leaders Strategy / Consultation sur la stratégie pour les hauts dirigeants 67  
Consultation-brainstorm with ESDC Managers Community Leads 3  
Conversation on Linguistic Duality - Prairies 80  
CoP Hub Meeting / Rencontre du Carrefour des CdP 261  
Council of the Network of Official Languages Champions 114  
Courageous Conversations – opening the dialogue with our teams – systemic racism in our workplace/Conversations courageuses – ouvrir le dialogue avec nos équipes – le racisme systémique dans notre milieu de travail. 110  
Creation of a video on OL 5  
Daniel Quan-Watson -Diversity & Inclusion for Managers   192
Demandez-moi n'importe quoi sur la reconnaissance 30  
Discussion - Brainstorm with MAB rep from PHAC 2  
Discussion on Beyond2020 / Discussion sur Au-delà de 2020 20  
Diversity & Inclusion Symposium - Event on Culture/ Anti-Racism 6039  
Diversity & Inclusion Symposium - Showcase of Networks 15  
Domestic Violence in the Workplace: Leadership Seminar 20  
EAP for Managers 226 139
EC & CS Inventories - EN 110 24
EC & CS Inventories - FR 72 53
Embauche étudiante inclusive en 2021-2022 : accueillir avec succès la relève de la fonction publique 123  
EMF/FGE - Executive Management Forum (EMF) / Forum de gestion exécutif (FGE) 15  
Êtes-vous bien outillé pour gérer votre carrière / Are you properly equipped to manage your career 41 76
événement « Demandez-moi n’importe quoi » sur la reconnaissance 30  
Expanded VMCCC Quarterly Meeting 150  
Favoriser la diversité et l’inclusion pour les gestionnaires de la fonction publique 294 57
Federal Black Employee Caucus Presentation - Anti Racism History in Canada 18  
Gestionnaires connectent - Panel : Coaching, Codéveloppement et Mentorat (en Français)    
Happiness at work and career development 583 69
Heads of functional communities meeting // Réunion des Chefs des collectivités fonctionnelles 26  
HRC/PSC Working Group on Hiring of Persons with Disabilities / CRH/CFP Groupe de travail sur l’embauche de personnes handicapées 163  
Inclusive Student Hiring in 2021-2022: Successfully Welcoming the Next Generation of Public Service Employees 416  
Indigenous Mentorship Initiative 14 91
Initial discussions on Coaching Communities of Practice 2  
Introductions - Atlantic Federal Council Manager & NMC Atlantic Regional Lead 2  
Introductions - NMC Atlantic Regional Lead 2  
Introductions Free Agent and NMC Atlantic Regional Lead 2  
Introductions new NS Steering Committee member from DND 4  
Introductions NMC Steering Committee Co-Chair PEI and NMC Atlantic Regional Lead 2  
Introductions Steering Committee co-chairs - Newfoundland and Labrador & NMC Atlantic Regional Lead 3  
L’appréciation dans le milieu de travail et la compréhension de nos différentes personnalités 48 61
La technologie évolue rapidement? Vous n’êtes pas seul! Joignez-vous à « Clics et Conseils » pour une discussion ouverte 250  
Learning Advisory Committee on Systemic Racism & Discrimination 54  
Les séances régionales de dialogue: Québec    
Making it our Business - Domestic Violence Mger Training Pilot 12  
Managers Advisory Board Meeting (Quarterly) 120  
Managers Connect Virtual Talk - Indigenous Mentorship Initiative 12  
Managers Focus Groups on short-term actings 88  
Managing a virtual team - Prairies and NWT 75 128
Managing Anxiety During Workplace Transitions 4052  
Managing Linguistic Insecurities Panel 80 197
Managing Mental Health in a Virtual Team - Panel Discussion - Part II 108 136
Material for Heads of functional communities meeting/Matériel pour la rencontre des Chefs de collectivités fonctionnelles 51  
Meeting past NMC NS Steering committee Co-Chair, Paul Berry 2  
Meeting with Service Canada - Internal Manager Network 2  
Meetings with CFB Halifax FCOL, Gilles St. Pierre & HR Manager Ellen Rhind 3  
Meilleures pratiques de Microsoft Teams pour les gestionnaires et les futurs leaders 492  
Mental Health Advisory Committee 16  
Mental Health and the Federal Black Employee Caucus 120  
Mental Health Learning Advisory Committee 68  
Mental Health Session Brainstorm 3  
Mentoring - FYN Ontario Pilot 2  
Microsoft Teams Best Practices for Managers and Future Leaders 1570  
Monthly MC steering committee meeting with CBSA 35  
National Managers' Community Presentation 50  
National Public Service Week Recognition event 39 18
Navigating the Hybrid Model (English session) 611  
Navigating the Hybrid Model (French session) 377  
Networking with Parks Canada Internal Manager Network 2  
Networking Workshop - Innovation Lab 37  
New Ontario Steering Committee Chair - Debrief 3  
NMC BC-YT Owning your PMA 60  
NMC Consultations - Weekly Touch Base (CSPS, NMC, TBS, SSC, PSPC) 60  
NMC Consultations (CSPS, NMC, TBS, SSC, PSPC) 147  
NMC contribution to Parks Canada Learning Weeks 3  
NMC-CSPS GcSkills Discussion 4  
NMC-Northern Federal Council - Governance model discussion 6  
Northern Ontario Manager Network 2  
Nova Scotia Steering Committee Co-Chairs Check-in 3  
NPSW2021 - NMC BC Café - Talk with Teresa 20  
NPSW2021 - NMC Yukon Café - Talk with Teresa 3  
OFC - Anti Racism, Diversity & Inclusion 120  
OFC Communities of Interest Meeting 15  
OFC quarterly meeting 30  
Official Languages Regulations - Updates (Atlantic Regional Learning Event) 138 43
Ontario Steering Committee Meeting 47  
Ontario Toolkit for Managers    
OPSA#1 - Workplace Accommodation Consultation Series: Benchmarking Study of Workplace Accommodation Practices in the Federal Public Service 871  
OPSA #2 - Acquisition of IT-Related Adaptive Products and Services 1166  
OPSA #2 French 351  
OPSA #3 - Accessible Procurement 669  
OPSA #3 - French 26  
Panel Pledge Working Group Meeting 11  
Panel sur le coaching 34 41
Panel: Future of coaching 40  
PCO Consultation 2  
Peer Coaching Circles ON 32  
People First: New People Management Policy Suite - Duty to Accommodate and Occupational Health and Safety & Managing through COVID: Tools for self-care and caring for your team 66 298
Possible Atlantic NMC / OL networks 41 & IV,V,VI collaboration 2  
Prairies and NWT Recognition and Appreciation event 35  
Prairies RFC Meetings 1  
Prairies Steering Committees 80  
Reconciliation and the Call to Action for managers (English session) 938  
Reconciliation and the Call to Action for Managers (French session) 395  
Regional Advisory Board meeting (Quarterly) 95  
Rencontre comité directeur CNG région QC 113  
Rencontre des animateurs du co-développement    
Rencontre du CFQ / QFC's meeting    
Retain and Gain: Career Management for the Public Sector Playbook/Gestionnaires connectent conversations virtuelles de la CNG (National) 124  
Round table on Diversity, inclusion and Accessibility in the Public Service 25  
Séance d’ouverture des semaines d’apprentissage avec la Communauté national des gestionnaires/ Opening session of the learning weeks with the National Managers’ Community. 500  
SK Federal Leaders Meeting 101  
Sommet du Coaching - L'avenir du coaching au sein de la fonction publique 40 35
Steering Committee meeting 16  
Sub-Committee on PSC Consultations Meeting 14  
Supporting an inclusive and diverse workplace: the way forward with the Call to Action 597 37
Table d'échange interministérielle de Québec 36  
TCMN Monthly Event: Professional Development 20  
Technology is changing fast? You are not alone! Join “Clicks and Tips” for an open discussion 811  
Thriving with your teams in a hybrid environment 702 104
Virtual Talk - Burnout Recognition 118 162
Virtual Talk - Employee Mental Health: Find out how EAP helps Managers/ Conversation virtuelle de la CNG - La santé mentale des employés - Découvrez les services du PAE pour gestionnaires 226  
Virtual Talk Panel: Coaching, Codevelopment and Mentoring 45  
Working Group on Actings / GTI 269  
Workplace Accommodation Documentation Working Group 53  
Total Participants 39,255 3,289


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6. Partners and Stakeholders in 2021

  1. Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service
  2. Canada Border Services Agency
  3. Canada Food Inspection Agency
  4. Canada Revenue Agency
  5. Canada School of Public Service
  6. Career Development Community
  7. Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women (external)
  8. Ceric (external)
  9. Claude Champagne (author)
  10. Clicks and Tips
  11. Correctional Service Canada
  12. Employment and Social Development Canada
  13. Federal Black Employee Caucus
  14. Federal government coaches from various departments
  15. Federal Youth Network
  16. FlexGC
  17. Global Affairs Canada
  18. Health Canada
  19. Heritage Canada
  20. Human Resources Council
  21. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  22. Infrastructure Canada
  23. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
  24. Internal departmental manager networks
  25. Joint Learning Program
  26. Justice Canada
  27. Measurement Canada
  28. Mental Health Centre of Expertise
  29. National Defence
  30. Office of Public Service Accessibility
  31. Office of the Chief of the Human Resources Officer
  32. Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
  33. Official Languages Atlantic Section 41 Network and Atlantic Network IV, V & VI
  34. Official Languages Centre of Excellence
  35. Ontario provincial leadership network (external)
  36. Privy Council Office
  37. Public Health Agency of Canada
  38. Public Prosecution Service of Canada
  39. Public Safety Canada
  40. Public Service Commission
  41. Public Services & Procurement Canada
  42. Quebec Innovation Lab
  43. Regional Federal Councils
  44. Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  45. Service Canada
  46. Shared Services Canada
  47. Statistics Canada
  48. Treasury Board Secretariat
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7. Committees on which NMC was a member in 2021

  1. Beyond2020 Champions and Coordinators
  2. Employment Equity Champions and Chairs Committee
  3. HRC and Public Service Commission (PSC) Working Group on hiring persons with disabilities
  4. HRC Heads of functional community committee
  5. Human Resources Council (HRC) Community of Practice Hub
  6. Learning Advisory Committee on Systemic Racism and Discrimination
  7. Mental Health Learning Advisory Committee
  8. NMC Sub-Committee on PSC Consultations Meeting
  9. OCHRO- NMC consultation on the Senior Leaders Strategy
  10. OCHRO-NMC Consultation on Classification Transformation
  11. Office of Public Service Accessibillty (OPSA) GC Workplace Accessibility Passport Documentation Working Group
  12. Office of the Chief Human Resources Office (OCHRO) managers consultation on post-pandemic planning and the hybrid workforce approach
  13. Official Languages Champions Committee
  14. PSC consultation on decreasing student hiring versus increase of referrals for 2021
  15. Public Services & Procurement Canada Working Group on Actings
  16. Statistics Canada and OPSA consultation on an ideal workplace accommodation workflow
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