Rapport annuel 2020 de la CNG

National Managers’ Community Annual Report 2020 to the Clerk of the Privy Council & Stakeholders

In 2020 public servants at all levels, from all corners of the country, pulled together and found ways to be resilient in the face of unprecedented change and adversity. The way we work and communicate was altered swiftly and dramatically. Canada’s Federal Public Service managers and their teams successfully navigated this change and played critical roles in ensuring the Government of Canada continued to deliver critical services to all Canadians.

The National Managers’ Community (NMC), in its 20th Anniversary year, with support from our varied partners and more than 40,000 managers we serve, never lost sight of our goals to:

  • ensure a strong voice for all managers,
  • promote a more agile, equipped and inclusive public service, and
  • use modern tools and partnerships to connect, engage and collaborate with managers, aspiring managers, senior leaders, central agencies and all partners.  

At the onset of the pandemic the NMC adjusted quickly, adopting a new way of working and engaging with managers and our partners. Our team worked with the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer (OCRHO) and became a hub for Government direction related to COVID by hosting OCHRO Technical Briefings and sharing OCHRO pandemic-related directives.

To ensure we addressed the needs of managers, we promptly surveyed the community and we developed numerous virtual events to address these needs. Operating virtually not only enabled us to continue to bring important learning to managers but also allowed the NMC to expand our reach and engage more managers in more diverse areas across the country. The extent of our gains in virtual outreach are also evidenced in major growths in the number of managers following the NMC on our various social media platforms.  

The NMC continued to bring forward the voice of managers: providing input on products and initiatives and in developing new partnerships with organizations like the Office of Public Service Accessibility (OPSA).  All the while, we continued to nurture our existing partnerships with the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS), the Public Service Commission (PSC), Regional Federal Councils, the Federal Youth Network (FYN) and the Public Renewal Secretariat to name a few. The NMC also represented managers’ needs on various working groups and committees addressing topics such as Diversity and Inclusion, Official Languages, Mental Health, and Domestic Violence in the Workplace.

As the year came to a close, the NMC welcomed a new Executive Director in Isabelle Racine and a new Deputy Minister Champion in Arun Thangaraj, Associate Deputy Minister, Transport Canada.  This new leadership brings new vision critical to enabling the NMC to incorporate the lessons learned from 2020 and carry on the important transformation impacting all of Government.

2020 has certainly been a year of change and adversity, but also one of great growth and development for the NMC. The NMC along with our varied partners and the managers we serve, found ways to persevere. As we continue to engage and support  managers in 2021, we do so knowing that with the collaboration of our community, our many partners and our champions at the senior level, we can succeed.                   

Arun Thangaraj, Deputy Minister Champion, NMC

Isabelle Racine, Executive Director, NMC

NMC Mandate


The National Managers’ Community (NMC) is a key horizontal network representing the voice of 40,000+ managers that strives to:

  • CONNECT managers with peers, senior leaders, resources and tools enabling them to better achieve their objectives;
  • ENGAGE our network and stakeholders; and
  • COLLABORATE with central agencies and other partners in support of public service wide priorities.

Strategic Objectives

Voice: promote the needs and interest of managers to senior leaders, acting as a vehicle for two-way communication.

Collaborate and connect: Work with key partners to provide avenues for managers to connect with peers and engage with senior leaders.

Outreach and engagement: Central hub for exchanging information and best practices to support the pursuit of excellence by managers

Renewal: Increase awareness and impact of NMC across Canada to grow its network and ensure sustainability and relevance.


NMC Network

By extending the NMC Network across departments, agencies and regions; more managers are better able to connect, engage and collaborate with public servants at all levels to achieve their objectives and deliver on government-wide priorities.

Arun Thangaraj, DM Champion

NMC Secretariat

ADM Advisory Board : 43 Members and 44 Departments

Managers’ Advisory Board : 59 Members 37 Departments

Regional Advisory Board: 19 Provincial Chairs/ Co-chairs

11 Provincial Steering Committees : 23 New Members 125+ Hours

Key Partners & Volunteers : 75 Events with Partners + OCHRO / 4 Micromissions & Volunteers


NMC Secretariat

Executive Director

2 Administrative Professionals

Communications Advisor

Atlantic Regional Lead

Quebec & Nunavut Regional Lead

NCR Regional Lead

Ontario Regional Lead

Prairies & NWT Regional Lead

British Columbia & Yukon Regional Lead

IMAGE: The NMC Team had a very productive face to face retreat in February in Ottawa which included some team building exercises, strategic planning and many laughs.

IMAGE: The NMC Team: photos of each of the team members on a map of Canada


SECTION: The Voice of Managers   

Bringing the voice, needs and interests of managers to senior leaders and key stakeholders to raise awareness of the barriers to success and allow managers across Canada to be heard.

Managers Learning Needs Survey

The NMC presented the results of the Managers Learning Needs Survey (see page 13 for results) to various stakeholders and committees, including:

  • Canada School of Public Service;
  • Quebec Federal Council;
  • Quebec Interdepartmental Exchange Table;
  • NMC executive committee - ESDC & Service   Canada, Québec region;
  • Prairies Federal Council;
  • Saskatchewan Federal Table;
  • British Columbia Federal Council.

IMAGE: Atlantic Region Steering Committee Co-Chairs met face-to-Face in Halifax in January to:

  • Share ideas, best practices, jointly learn and build synergies/comradery;
  • Explore better engagement practices with members, managers and aspiring, senior leaders and other stakeholders;
  • Discuss roles and responsibilities and expectations.

QUOTE: “There’s nothing better for an executive, a senior leader, to demonstrate vulnerability, because what it does is bring you closer to the people you work with because it makes you human.”

  • Christine Donoghue, NMC DM Champion and Deputy Commissioner of CRA (June)


    QUOTE: “I always thought I was a pretty good communicator in terms of keeping my team informed and keeping people in the loop on what was going on or having open dialogue with my staff. What I realized in this (the pandemic) is because we are so conscious of everyone scattered all over the place, my personal experience with my organization has been we’re actually communicating more. We’re reaching out to our teams more because we’re worried about people not being connected.”

    • Daryell Nowlan, NMC Atlantic ADM Champion and VP Policy, Programs and Communications at the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (June)

      Northern Steering Committee

      The NMC created a new NMC Steering Committee and Champion role for the North. Thank you to CANNOR for facilitating this Northern Chapter of the NMC and for their leadership and support. Steering Committee Co-chairs are: Kim Walker with CIRNAC in Yellowknife and Julie Anne Miller with the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency in Iqaluit. Caleigh Miller, Free Agent in Whitehorse, will be the spokesperson for the Yukon, thus ensuring representation from all three Northern Territories.

      IMAGE: On November 26, the NMC and the Federal Youth Network co-delivered a FedTalk titled “Answering the Call” which highlighted how, from the beginning of COVID, the NMC & FYN reacted quickly to connect public servants with virtual learning and tools. They shared their experience and the challenges they faced as key horizontal communities who identified and responded to the needs of their networks.

      Watch it: 41:30 minute mark


      The NMC continues to be a trusted forum to engage managers. The network was consulted more than ever, especially during the pandemic, to shape the priorities of the Government of Canada. Here are a few examples:

      • Manager Development program (June);
      • PSC-NMC Sub-Committee;
      • 12 NMC managers across the country supported a roundtable conversation with the Honourable Omar Alghabra, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister (Public Service Renewal) on managing through the COVID-19 pandemic and diversity and inclusion within the public service (September);
      • Mental Health Learning Advisory Committee;
      • GC Workplace Accessibility Passport Documentation Working Group (DWG) with OPSA;
      • Focus group with PCO on managers’ experience with Public Service Renewal;
      • Heads of functional community meetings;
      • Interdepartmental working group on domestic violence – resources/ tools/ learning;
      • Employment Equity Champions and Chairs Committee;
      • Conseil du Réseau des champions des langues officielles;
      • Discussions with OPSA on the CEWF to organize a series of events/ consultations.

      How the NMC brought the voice of managers forward…

      • Beyond2020 Champions workshop with OECD Observatory for Public Sector Innovation;
      • CSPS consultations & focus groups;
      • Engagement with OCHRO to promote 2020 PSES;
      • Learning Advisory Committee on Systemic Racism and Discrimination;
      • Liaise with senior leaders in the NCR/ regions.


      IMAGE: With work being virtual, NMC’s message for National Public service Week also went virtual. VIDEO LINK


      SECTION: Collaborate and Connect

      Collaborating with key stakeholders, permits the NMC to deliver and facilitate opportunities for managers from all departments and regions across Canada to connect with peers and senior leaders, strengthen their network and acquire resources and tools.

      On March 8, the Ontario National Managers’ Community (NMC) in collaboration with the Ontario Federal Council and the Ontario Women in Government (WIG) hosted an engaging event with over 100 public servants honouring International Women’s Day. The event kicked off with a keynote address by The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

      IMAGE: Event participants seated listening the presentation by the Honouragle Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.


      On December 1st, the NMC sent an International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Resources for Managers newsletter to its distribution list in collaboration with OPSA, PSC, SSC and CSPS.

      IMAGE: Poster for International Day of Persons with Disabilities.


      The Atlantic NMC worked with partners to support various Diversity and Inclusion initiatives including:

      • Kairos Blanket Exercise with the Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre, Atlantic Federal Council, and the Nova Scotia Future Leaders Network (March);
      • Learning events on Civility in the Workplace and Unconscious Bias with Public Services and Procurement Canada and Veterans Affairs Canada;
      • Building Black Leaders program lead by Atlantic Federal Council.

      IMAGE: Participants in the Kairos Blanket exercise.


      The NMC Collaborated and Connected in MANY ways…

      • Delivered 2020 Students Program: Best Practices for Hiring Managers training with PSC, OCHRO & CSPS – (May and November);
      • Atlantic Leaders in Learning Intergovernmental Community of Practice (ALLICoP);
      • Federal Black Employee Caucus;
      • Took the FlexGC Digital Nomads Pledge and promoted it (October);
      • PS Renewal – Innovation Fairs;
      • NMC Ontario Regional Lead was a panelist at the Leading with Empathy Through the Easing of COVID-19 Restrictions with CSPS & OCHRO (June);
      • Learning Day for Managers in Ontario, Prairies and Quebec: collaboration with Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, PCO, CSPS, and others for the World Café sessions. (January and February);
      • Identified panelists for the Managing Employee Performance Through the Easing of COVID‑19 Restrictions with CSPS and OCHRO. (September);
      • Co-delivered Occupational Health Tips for Managers as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease with CSPS, OCHRO & Health Canada (June);
      • Attended OneTeamGov meetings with IPAC and the province of MB;
      • Supported the Career Marketplace with the Prairie Federal Council.


      On October 29, over 700 participants joined Canadian icons Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod, the founders of BodyBreak as they shared their experience in building a healthy Canada and their work to normalize racial diversity and the inclusion of persons with disabilities. This was a partnered event between the Federal Youth Network, the NMC and Shared Services Canada.

      IMAGE: Joshua Frame, Federal Youth Network, Kimberley Macies, Executive Director National Managers’ Community,  Hal Johnson and Joanne Macleod from BodyBreak.

      QUOTE: “There are a lot of employees at home juggling, wearing lots of different hats of teacher and caregiver and employee but there are some employees who are looking for opportunities out of crisis comes innovation sometimes and opportunities.”

      • Gina Scaramuzzi, Senior Human Resources Advisor at the Canadian Grain Commission

        Ontario Intergovernmental Peer Coaching Circles

        In September 2020, the NMC Ontario launched a pilot Peer Coaching Circle, engaging federal interdepartmental managers with provincial managers from the Ontario Leadership Network. The 8 month pilot project with monthly meetings provided an opportunity to network across levels of government while gaining support on a leadership challenge or concern. At the end of the pilot, both the federal NMC and the provincial Ontario Leadership Network (OLN) expanded the project beyondthe pilot phase.

        Interdepartmental development

        In Québec, 250 people are currently doing inter-departmental co-development. Co-development was in virtual mode for all of 2020-21, which helps to break down geographic barriers. New participants were registered in August. A virtual meeting of co-development facilitators took place on October 28. In addition, a new EX-01 group for inter-ministerial co-development jointly piloted by the NMC and the Quebec Federal Council was set up in the fall.

        #GC Wellness in Motion

        In October 2020, The NMC and the Federal Youth Network launched the 2nd annual #GCWellnessinMotion Challenge, celebrating Healthy Workplace Month. This year, we partnered with ParticiPACTION and used their app to track the activity of 458 participants.

        Graph Depicting statistics:

        Total Active Minutes: 299,069

        Average Active Minutes: 35.6

        Total Minutes Moved: 1,431,820

        Average Minute Moved:  170.4

        Total Steps: 45,862,312

        Average Steps: 5458

        The official winner of the #GcWellnessInMotion Challenge, was Michelle Holigroski, Research Biologist with the Canadian Grain Commission in Winnipeg with the most active minutes

        IMAGE: A photo depicting the Wellness in Motion Challenge. In the photo  from left to right, Daryl Beswitherick (NMC co-chair, Manitoba Steering Committee), Michelle Holigroski and Lisbeth Savard (NMC Regional Lead, Prairies and NWT).


        SECTION: Outreach and Engagement

        By engaging managers with proactive and targeted interactions, the NMC acts as a central hub for facilitating dialogue and exchanging information and best practices on key and upcoming issues. The NMC experiments with different mediums to reach new managers and expand its network. 

        Social Media Followers

        Facebook: 2019 – 595, 2020 – 759, Increase of 27,6%

        Twitter: 2019 – 3,681, 2020 – 4,135, Increase of 12,3 %

        GCconnex: 2019 – 3,344, 2020 – 4,101, Increase of 22,6%

        Mailchimp: 2019 – 7,960, 2020 – 8,296, Increase of 4,2%

        Total: 2019 – 15,580, 2020 – 17,291, Increase of 10,8%


        IMAGE: Coaching Summit Poster

        The NMC Québec & Nunavut collaborated with the CSPS GC Transferable Skills Team to offer 234 managers an opportunity for free individual coaching sessions and webinars during the Coaching Summit from December 7-11.


        In celebration of Linguistic Duality Day, the Prairies Official Languages Committee (POLC) and the NMC joined forces to host a Managers Connect - Virtual Talk on Leadership and Linguistic Duality on September 9th. Hosted by Lisbeth Savard, NMC Regional Lead for the Prairies and NWT and Kathleen Gagné, POLC coordinator, this Virtual Talk featured guests Mary Frances Wright, Director, Health Canada (Edmonton) and Talent Management Champion, Prairie Federal Council (PFC) and Brigitte Gibson, Regional Director General, Canadian Heritage (Winnipeg) and OL Champion, Prairie Federal Council (PFC).


        IMAGE: Screenshot of Darryel Nowland, Isabelle Racine, Nathalie Laurin and Marilyn Latzel

        The NMC National Learning Event took place on November 26th with Nathalie Laurin on Managing Virtual Teams. The sessions provided managers with guidance on how to set boundaries and implement strategies for self-care, engage their team members in virtual settings, and use practical tools and strategies to create a flexible working environment.

        Close to 3000 managers and aspiring managers combined registered for the French and English sessions. Watch the recording.

        QUOTE: “The mindful leader will ask themselves: what are we doing? What do we need to improve on? What traditional ways don’t work? Who is really handling this scenario, this challenge really well and how can we learn from them? What things do we need to learn brand-new and get rid of old ways of looking at stuff.”

        • Marilyn Cavaretta-Latzel, NMC Regional Lead, Ontario (June)



          NMC National: 29

          NMC Regional: 21

          COVID-19 OCHRO: 69

          Opens NMC: 29,633

          Opens OCHRO: 86,026

          Read all our newsletters!


          COVID Technical Briefings:

          March:             7

          April:                7

          May:                4

          June:               2

          July:                 2

          August:            0

          September:     1

          October:          2

          November:      2

          December       1

          TOTAL:           28 = 14,924 dial-ins


          The NMC continuously reached out and engaged managers by…

          • Creating new partnerships with the Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat, regional black caucuses, etc.;
          • Disseminating information related to COVID-19 on behalf of OCHRO via our GCconnex page & email distribution list;
          • Regularly sending out both national and regional newsletters to over 8,000 subscribers;
          • Presenting during the FYN Virtual Learning Series (April);
          • Participating in initiatives with Prairies OL, Regional OL Champion and Regional Talent Management - Prairies and NWT Regional;
          • Presenting and facilitating the resilience workshop at the Forum for Communication Advisors (February).


          Tips for Managers:

          The NMC posted 12 #TipsforManagers which garnered 38,666 views and 1,585 engagements on Twitter and Facebook. They can be found on page 15.

          QUOTE: “Congratulations to all the managers out there, this pandemic has created awkward work situations for all of us. Not only has it impacted your personal and professional lives but in a professional sense as managers there are unique experiences regardless of how big your budgets are, how important your files are – hat tip to you, for all the acrobatics that you’ve done.”

          - Stéphane Tourangeau, Senior Advisor with Measurement Canada (October)


          SECTION: Renewal

          The NMC is constantly cultivating new relationships and developing new ways of reaching and connecting with managers; ensuring we remain sustainable, relevant and impactful in an evolving public service.

          Each year, the NMC publishes its’ Strategic and Operational Plan in consultation with its Advisory Boards. The 2020-21 Plan clearly shows that the NMC reacted quickly to the current situation: launching weekly Virtual Talks on relevant topics to managers, publishing Managers Tips on Leading Virtually on all its platforms and continuing to work closely with OCHRO in disseminating COVID-related information to managers.

          IMAGE: 2020-21 Strategic and Operational Plan Cover Page


          IMAGE: NMC Virtual Team Oath.

          Workplace values: Trust – Positive attitude – Be supportive – Team spirit – Respect – Collaboration – Contribute regionally & nationally – Embrace diversity and inclusion

          Protocols: Reach out and stay connected, unplug when needed – Share resources/ contacts – Keep calendars up to date – If you don’t understand, ask – Eliminate barriers to participation/ contribution – Onboarding of new members is a team effort

          Code of conduct: Be mindful of time zones – Respect values of team spirit – Be present, prepared and on-time for meetings – Have an ‘’I’m all in ‘’ attitude – Acknowledge emails and remember to say hello and thank you – Demonstrate civility to create a safe workplace.

          Communications: 80% is non-verbal, we need to be mindful to get out message across as a virtual team – Consider various methods of communication with departments and regions – Integrate face-to-face virtual apps where it makes sense – Recognize and celebrate individual/ team successes – Welcome to speak in the official language of choice

          Benefits & Challenges: Regional diversity – Time Zones – Flexibility – Collective networks – Strengthening – Agile

          Embrace the uniqueness of your team!


          The online form currently being used for the NMC reporting Tool with CSPS is being replaced to ensure that the NMC and its’ partners are able to maintain more extensive statistics on its activities.


          IMAGE: Susie Roussel and Kimberley Macies during an NMC Teams’ retreat

          During the NMC Teams’ retreat in Ottawa in February, we had a Virtual Team Oath renewal session, facilitated by Susie Roussel, Manager and Principal Advisor to the Ombudsman of Mental Health, PSPC.

          Both Susie Roussell and NMC’s Executive Director, Kim Macies, hosted a Managers Connect Virtual Talk in September to discuss the steps undertaken to develop the NMC Virtual Team Oath, including tips to engage your team in the process of creating a valuable and inclusive tool.


          Other ways the NMC ensures its renewal:

          • Reporting on NMC Beyond2020 Action Plan;
          • Yearly call-out for financial contributions;
          • NMC Results Framework.


          The NMC would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Christine Donoghue, former NMC Champion, and Kimberly Macies, former NMC Executive Director. Over the past several years, both Christine and Kim not only served as great ambassadors and leaders for the National Managers’ Community and managers across the country, but also for the NMC team. 

          Thank you Christine and Kim!


          PSES Survey Results (Managers) – 2017-19

          In 2020, the NMC hired a micromission to look at the PSES survey results from 2017 to 2019 and analyze the data specifically from managers. Here are some of the results. The full report can be viewed on the NMC website: PSES Manager Results.

          IMAGE: Percentages indicating Stress by Region

          Heavy workload:

          PEI:  27 %

          NFLD & Lab:  27%

          NS:  31%

          SK :  35%

          NB :  33%

          NCR :  36%

          ON :  35%

          Overall:  37%

          MB:  37%

          BC:  38%

          AB:  40%

          QC:  40%

          Outside of Canada:  53%

          Balancing work and personal life:

          PEI:  16 %

          QC:  18%

          NB :  18%

          NS:  19%

          MB:  21%

          Overall:  22%

          NCR :  22%

          AB:  22%

          NFLD & Lab:  22%

          ON:  22%

          SK:  24%

          BC:  25%

          Outside of Canada:  38%

          Lack of clear expectations

          NFLD & Lab:  11%

          PEI:  13 %

          SK :  13%  

          NB :  13%

          Outside of Canada:  17%

          ON :  18%

          AB:  18%

          MB:  18%

          BC:  18%

          QC:  18%

          Overall:  19%

          NCR :  20% - NS:  20% 

          IMAGE: The following factors cause me stress to a Very large or large extent at work’’

          Lack of job security: 

          2019:  3%

          2018:  4 %

          2017:  4%

          Personal Issues: 

          2019:  4%

          2018:  5 %  

          2017:  4%

          Pay or other compensation-related issues: 

          2019:  29%

          2018:  34 %

          2017:  35%

          Unreasonable deadlines: 

          2019:  26%  

          2018:  30 %  

          2017: 29%

          Overall, there was a decrease in managers indicating that certain factors that can interfere with mental health were affecting them, but there is still room for improvement.

          IMAGE:  ‘’Managers from BC (55%). QC (56%) and outside Canada (50%) were the least likely to agree to the statement.  Newfoundland had the highest agreement.’’

          I have confidence in the senior management of my department or agency.

          All regions:  62%

          NCR:  64%

          ON:  61%

          QC:  56%

          BC:  55%

          AB:  61%

          SK:  64% 

          MB:  61% 

          NB:  70%

          NS:  70%

          PEI:  76%

          NFLD & Lab:  72%

          Outside Canada:  50%

          Overall to what extent do the following factors cause you stress at work?

          % indicating ‘’to a very large extent’’ or ‘’large extent’’

          Heavy workload:  2019:  37%   2018:  41 %   2017:  33%

          Balancing work and personal life:  2019:  22%   2018:  26 %   2017:  22%

          Lack of clear expectations:  2019:  19%   2018:  21 %   2017:  21%

          A heavy workload contributing to stress continues to be a factor for managers, as well as unreasonable deadlines affecting the quality of their work.


          I agree that…….% who indicated ‘’strongly agree’’ or ‘’somewhat agree’’

          I get the training I need to do my job:  2019:  71%   2018:  71 %   2017:  68% (Executive:  86%)

          I believe I have opportunities for promotion within my department or agency, given my education, skills and experience:  2019:  57%   2018:  55 %   2017:  55%  (Executive:  72%)

          My department or agency does a good job of supporting employee career development:  2019:  59%   2018:  58 %   2017:  61%  (Executive:  75%)

          I receive useful feedback from my immediate supervisor on my job performance:  2019:  74%   2018:  73 %   2017:  74%  (Executive:  81%)


          I agree that…….

          I think that my department or agency respects individual differences:  2019:  78%   2018:  82 %   2017:  82% (Executive:  87%)

          The people I work with value my ideas and opinions:  2019:  85%   2018:  84 %   2017:  --  (Executive:  94%)

          Overall, I feel valued at work:  2019:  73%   2018:  71 %   2017:  70% (Executive:  84%)


          Percent of managers who had their request to accommodate their needs met: 

          NCR:  85%

          ON:  85% 

          QC:  75% 

          BC:  83% 

          AB:  78% 

          SK:  75% 

          MB:  86% 

          NB:  88% 

          NS:  74% 

          PEI:  88% 

          NFLD & Lab:  82% 

          OutsIde Canada:  66%


          Learning Needs for Managers – Survey Results

          On May 28, OCHRO launched a survey in collaboration with the NMC to gauge managers’ interests and concerns. The results of this survey were presented on July 2 in a national webcast to NMC members.

          Based on OCHRO survey results, the NMC identified four top learning themes for the 2020-2021 Managers’ Learning Needs Survey. The survey received over 3,000 responses.  

          The full report can be viewed on the NMC’s GcConnex page


          Top Learning Needs

          • Resiliency when working from home:  80%
          • Self-care, setting boundaries, working from home:  69%
          • Strategies for managing upward and downward and how to say no to senior management:  53%
          • Conflict management:  57%
          • Staffing, skills & competencies required for managing in the future:  61%
          • How to improve team performance and maintain employee engagement while working
          • from home:  65%
          • Better communication and engagement within teams; finding effective and safe ways to prevent bullying, intimidation, and favouritism in the workplace:  66%
          • Managing a virtual and flexible team:  63%


          Mental Health and Wellness

          • Resiliency when working from home:  59.7%
          • Mindfulness, Resilience and Empathy :  51.1%
          • How can a leader create a psychologically safe environment?:  56,2%
          • Self-care, setting boundaries, working from home:  69.4%
          • 13 Psychosocial factors affecting mental health in the workplace:  51.5%


          Public Service of the Future

          • Managing a virtual and flexible team:  29%
          • Managing different generations:  15%
          • Character Based Leadership:  17%
          • Become a transformational leader in the Government of Canada:  18%
          • Staffing, skills & competencies required for managing in the future:  21%


          Leadership and Engagement

          • How to develop a strategic mindset:  13%
          • Building partnership and maintaining a network:  9%
          • Strategies for managing upward and downward and how to say no to senior management:  19%
          • Performance management / Talent management / Managing poor performers:  16%
          • Tools for having difficult conversations :  11%
          • Progressing to senior management / executive:  10%
          • How to improve team performance and maintain employee engagement while working from home:  22%


          Accessibility and Inclusion

          • Tools and tips to apply the Official Languages Act and better embrace the spirit of the Act:  11.3%
          • Conflict management:  56.8%
          • Better communication and engagement within teams; finding effective and safe ways to prevent bullying, intimidation, and favouritism in the workplace (68.4)
          • Managing allegations of discrimination / bullying / harassment as a manager (49.7%)
          • Hiring / Onboarding for People with Disabilities / Accommodation and Adaptive Technology, Accessible Procurement Tools (22.3%)
          • Accessibility and Accommodation and departmental resources for Managers (34.0%)
          • How does the Accessibility Strategy apply to the workplace for managers (21.7%)
          • Integrating indigenous perspective in decision and policy making:  (22.8%)


          Present, Agile and Adapted through the Transition

          The NMC produced 14 Managers Connect Virtual Talks. Listen to all of them on the NMC’s YouTube channel.

          1. Mental Health & COVID-19
          2. Student Hiring and Onboarding
          3. Courageous Conversations and Performance Management
          4. Indigenous Wisdom on Leading and Connecting Virtually
          5. Accessibility and disability inclusion
          6. The Mindful Leader: Leading with mindfulness and resilience
          7. Leadership in Difficult Times
          8. Failures that Bloom #1
          9. Managers Managing People Survey Results
          10. Leadership & Linguistic Duality
          11. Creating a Virtual Team Oath
          12. Engagement and the languages of Appreciation
          13. Manangers Managing People : Remote Work, Telework & Futur of Work
          14. Managing in an Intergenerational Context: Myths and Realities


          Tips for Managers

          The NMC developed 13 Tips for Managers. These tips involved consultations with managers and the topics varied from onboarding students, to Black Lives Matters, managing virtual teams and more.

          Resilient people…

          ... cope successfully by choosing to believe that it is possible to cope.

          ... recognize which aspects of their lives are within their control and learn to let go of what they cannot control.

          ... choose to believe that they can influence their situation for the better.

          "Resilient Teams: Building an Agile and Adaptable Workplace”

          “Resilient Teams: Building an Agile and Adaptable Workplace”

          The Essence of Solution Focused Leadership

          Work with the person rather than the problem

          Look for resources rather than deficits

          Explore possible and preferred futures

          Explore what is already contributing to

          possible futures

          Treat people as the experts in their life

          "Solution focused leadership is the ability to notice the extraordinary in people's everyday lives."

          - Sarah McVanel, Keynote Speaker, NMC Managers' Exchange, Toronto, November 2018

          Managing a Virtual Team…


          Be Authentic, Empathetic and Vulnerable 

          Create a safe space

          Build trust

          Allow yourself and your team to make mistakes

          Celebrate successes

          Managing a Virtual Team…


          Connect on a regular basis as a team

          Share your best practices for the good of the team

          Set up one on one meetings with each team member

          Hold team meetings, ideally on video, where everyone has the option

          to see each other